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Jon Ting
27 October
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wow i dont think i've updated this in a while..
i'm no longer 15 im 16 almost 17 now =) um.. no longer 5'9 i'm 5'11 now almost 6 ft..
hm..my life is.. very boring.. very typical.. i would say i'm a nice guy =) if your my friend i would do just about anything for you and if your my enemy i would also just about do anything to you =)! i tend to get mad at mother fuckers but yea most people are nice =) which is cool i'm a senior at mission san jose high school class of 06! woot! my life revolves around my schoolwork, sats, volleyball (inside joke stuff dont' ask if you don't know), my friends, my car, and lastly but most importantly my lovely gf bonnie yu i love her <33.

here is a pic of my baby #1 (bon bon) baby #2 (car car) and my family! <33